1.  Open the document that you will paste the information to before you start.

2.  Navigate the mouse pointer to the beginning or the end of the information you need to copy. The mouse pointer (arrow) will turn into a cursor when it nears the information you plan to copy. 

3.  Press down on the left button on the mouse and hold it in place. Drag the mouse over the entire text that you need to copy. The text or picture will be highlighted. After the text or picture is highlighted, take your finger off the left button on the mouse. 

4.  Press down on the right button on the mouse. A box will open and display some commands. The command that you are looking for is, "Copy." Move the mouse arrow to the "Copy" button and press down on the left mouse button. You have now copied the information.

5.  Place the mouse cursor on the document where you wish to paste the information. Click the left mouse button once on the document. Press the right mouse button. Move the mouse cursor to the "Paste" function. Click the "Paste" option and the copied information will be displayed on the document.